Fiberglass vs. Concrete Pools – Which One Should You Choose?

You are on a journey to creating the perfect pool for you backyard dream. Getting a pool should be easy, right?… and then you start learning about the options. Concrete? Plaster? Gunite? Fiberglass? Resin? Gel Coats?… On and on until you aren’t sure which one is the right fit for you. Lets find out!

1. Maintenance Ease and Installation Speed:

Fiberglass pools have a strong representation when it comes to both the install speed and ultimately how much time and effort they take to clean and maintain. Fiberglass pools are made at facilities that use resin as a base and then but the latest gel coats on the inside to crete the interior finish. These Gel coats are smooth and non-porous which make them resistant to algae and many other traditional contaminants, resulting in fewer chemicals used and ultimately less time spent on cleaning. When made by quality manufacturers they offer incredibly warranties on both the Gel Coats and the Resin Structures. They have about 7 options in colors, all with a vibrant sparkle to the finish (Once again quality manufacturers are key as lower quality ones offer more flat and dull colors). This is nowhere near the options with concrete which is part of the trade off. Also part of the trade off is fiberglass pools are quick to install, the waiting is during the manufacturing process which is happening while you get to keep a clean and put together yard. Once the shell arrives it can generally take just a few weeks compared to the longer construction time required for concrete pools. Concrete pools need 30 days for concrete to cure properly and a Concrete project takes anywhere form 60-90 days from quality installers like Godfrey and Jones and this is considered to be a great timeline with many project, depending on the installer and size taking much, much longer.

2. Fiberglass: Lots of Options but not limitless:

Fiberglass Pools have many many incredible options and a wide range of shapes and sizes… however they cannot be changed. Don’t like the side the ledge is on? There isn’t anything you can do – its based on a mold that is set and copyrighted by the manufacturer. Although there are many options ultimately Fiberglass Pools are going to be limited in shape compared to concrete pools which have no limit to speak of. Because Fiberglass pools are set in a mold and delivered as a single monolithic piece, you can add features such as waterfalls, water walls, spas or ledges the shell itself cant be changes. Quality manufacturers like Thursday Pools have invested in quality fiberglass shapes and styles, offering lots of sizes, depths, and incredible shapes and colors you can pick from. They have come along way and most images on our site our fiberglass pools.

3. Concrete: Limitless Potential without boundaries

You can essentially do anything with Concrete pools – there are no limits to the possibilities both in what they can do, shape, size location and function. A concrete, or Gunite, pool can be built to fit any desired location and in almost any configuration. If you can dream it we can build it – making it an excellent choice for those looking for a one of a kind custom built project – if you are seeking a truly unique and personalized aquatic experience look no further. This versatility allows for customization with features such as Infinity edges, waterfalls, fantastic shapes, unique spas, and built-in seating areas. Concrete pools also offer an incredibly wide range of colors, texture and finish options, including the popular and durable PebbleTec finish which Godfrey and Jones uses exclusively.

4. Cost is a factor:

Fiberglass pools generally have a lower expense compared to concrete pools both in installation and in upkeep. The customization of concrete pools comes with a cost both in the installation and the upkeep. Generally the more the customization the more the cost and while it is true that ANYTHING can be done with concrete the following sentence is ‘… with enough time and money…”. With both pool tyes overall cost can vary depending on the size, features, outdoor living, patio size an type, and additional customizations. Concrete pools may be a larger investment and more upkeep, they can often add additional luxury and value to a property just like many customized things can and may ultimately be a better worthwhile investment in the long run depending on the circumstance.

5. Quality Assurance with Godfrey and Jones:

Regardless of the pool type you choose, ensuring a high-quality installation and well thought out design is critical to both pool types. Often the outdoor living, patio and landscaping choices make the pool type secondary to the experience. Godfrey and Jones is committed to excellence in both fiberglass and concrete pool installations and always consider the whole project, client and location. By partnering with trusted manufacturer’s like Thursday Pools for fiberglass and utilizing top-notch designs and finishes such as PebbleTec for concrete, they prioritize the best finishes and are pioneers in the industry.

Let us help you make your dreams come to fruition and guide you to the best choice for you and your goals.

Ready to Get Started?

By choosing Godfrey and Jones, you can rest assured that your pool installation will be of the highest quality, whether you opt for a top-notch fiberglass design or a stunning concrete masterpiece.

Start planning your dream pool today and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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