Consider your indoors when designing your outdoors

Achieving Perfect Harmony:

Seamless Outdoor Pools tailored to the indoor experience.

There you are enjoying your morning cup of coffee looking outside your glass doors whisked away to a beautiful resort pool landscape and listening to the gentle sound of water from the pools waterfall as it pours rhythmically into turquoise waters reminding you of Los Cabos… but in your backyard…

Designing an outdoor pool and landscaping that seamlessly integrates with your home is an art form that requires careful consideration. By striking the right balance between indoor and outdoor spaces, you can create a harmonious environment that speaks to both you and your visitors indoors as well as out. Godfrey and Jones has extensive design and construction experience to help you create and bring to life the destination you’ve always dreamed of.

1. Consider how you Integrate Views and Spaces:

To create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor areas, it’s crucial to consider the views from inside your home. Identify key focal points, such as windows and glass doors, that provide a glimpse of your outdoor pool and landscaping.

How does a visitor experience enter your home? Can they see the outdoors? What emotions do these experiences create? Is there a ‘Wow’ moment or do you have to explain you have a beautiful pool and outdoors…somewhere…. This is a big investment, and you should never hide it.

Ensure when you consider the pool placement you incorporate accenting elements to the visual experience, such as placement and balance of water features or landscaping, your goal is to create an open flowing connection between the indoor and outdoor space that entices you to move inside and out experiencing the dynamics of both spaces and the emotional and visual experiences they create as you move between the two.

2. Indoor-Outdoor:

The outdoor space should always be considered as an integrated destination from the position of your indoors, it does not need to ‘match’ or be a reflection of your indoors but consider it as part of the ‘flavor’ of the indoor outdoor experience. When it is possible consider window placement or even installing large windows or large panoramic doors as part of your pool installation plan to transition between the traditional boundaries of indoors and outdoors. Breaking down these perceived barriers adds to the experience and sense of existential wonder when moving in both spaces. Ensure you think about your seating or lounge areas adjacent to access points and done correctly can encourage relaxation and create the sense of both spaces being larger both in size and experience. You always want to ensure you are experiencing the beauty of the outdoors while you enjoy the comfort of the indoors with minimal sense of separation.

3. Coordinating your color pallet, material theme and Landscaping:

A key and often overlooked part of indoor and outdoor integration and achieving an harmonious motion between your indoor and outdoor spaces requires your selection of colors, materials, vegetation and hardscape theme. By having your indoors be one theme, lets say ‘Natural and clean’ using elements of neutral colors (Whites, Greys, light beige) and natural materials (Wood Panels, Bronze fixtures, etc.) you may want to consider your out doors use neutral colors (Afyon Cloud or Kasha Marble and Bronze water features) or your outdoors may enhance the natural element of your indoors by using natural rock for the water feature veneer and flagstone for the patio. Both material selections will create different experiences for both spaces.

Regardless of how you integrate the spaces you want to create a sense of intention for each destination separately and together. It’s extremely important choose complementary components that create a complete story of your space.

4. The Art of Color Theory and Balance:

Consider Color theory when you are deciding how to integrate the spaces. It is an important tool in design and can guide many of your decisions when creating pool and landscaping aesthetics. Different colors interact to create al together different emotional experiences that can help you achieve the sense of space you want to create. Using a color wheel when making choices, comparing existing colors with colors you will be adding can be extremely helpful. Complementary colors (opposite on the color wheel) can create contrasts and be used to accent themes you want to highlight in the aesthetic, and analogous colors (adjacent on the wheel) are going to flow spaces together. Ultimately this is a very useful tool in your arsenal when building the story of your spaces. Use this narrative and flow from the indoors to outdoors to guide you and your visitors through a design journey that creates the emotions and feelings that you crave for you and your guests. Where do you want your design to take you? Classical European? Moroccan?

Creating a perfect balance between your outdoor pool, landscaping, and home requires thoughtful planning and attention to detail. Let us help you with these choices. Godfrey and Jones has a extensive knowledge of available materials, colors and construction options that can create the ideal experience.

Ready to Get Started?

By choosing Godfrey and Jones, you can rest assured that your pool installation will be of the highest quality, whether you opt for a top-notch fiberglass design or a stunning concrete masterpiece.

Start planning your dream pool today and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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